xenograft Definitions


a heterograft.


to heterograft.

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  • xmrv had first been isolated from human prostate cancer cells in 2006. consequently, coffin, pathak, and colleagues examined two prostate cancer cell lines that produce xmrv "virtually identical to the viruses recently found in patient samples," as well as the progenitor human prostate tumor xenograft, called cwr22, that had been passaged in mice. medpagetoday.com

  • cardiac catheterization techniques for measuring the systolic pressure gradient across the stent-mounted porcine xenograft in the aortic position and accomplishing left ventriculography are described. the transseptal technique is a rapid and predictable means of entering the left ventricle but requires a highly skilled operator. retrograde left ventricular catheterization via the femoral artery is a technique familiar to all invasive cardiologists. usually a pitfall catheter is used. in patients with the stent-mounted procine xenograft in the aortic position, we have found the a2 multipurpose catheter to be the fastest and most predictable means of entering the left ventricle from the groin. potential complications of retrograde left ventricular catheterization in patients with aortic valve prostheses are discussed. nih.gov