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the chemical element (symbol xe) with an atomic number of 54. it is a colorless, odorless, unreactive noble gas, used notably in camera flash technology.

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  • group 18 of the periodic table contains the noble gases. these six unreactive gases do not combine with other elements, so they are usually found on their own. nearly 1 per cent of air is argon. traces of neon, helium, krypton, radon, and xenon are also found in air. argon is used in light bulbs, xenon is used in lighthouse arc lamps, and helium is used to fill airships and hot-air balloons. factmonster.com

  • iodine wants another electron to be like its nearest noble gas, xenon. hydrogen also wants another electron to be like its nearest noble gas, helium. what happens when a neutral hydrogen atom bumps into a neutral iodine atom? they do exactly what we were all taught to do in kindergarten—they share! infoplease.com

  • portenoy also maintains financial relationships with opioid drugmaker purdue pharma, as well as other scores of other pharmaceutical companies, many of which have pain offerings: afferent, cephalon, cnsbio, covidien, endo pharmaceuticals, mallinckrodt, grupo ferrer, king pharmaceuticals, nicox, prostraken, shire, solvay, wyeth, xenon, archimedes, baxter, calloway, flamek, fralex, gw pharmaceuticals, and pfizer. medpagetoday.com

  • preoperative pulmonary function is assessed. surgery is done only if nsclc patients will have adequate pulmonary reserve once a lobe or lung is resected. patients with preoperative forced expiratory volume in 1 second (fev1) > 2 l generally tolerate pneumonectomy. patients with fev1 < 2 l should have a quantitative xenon radionuclide perfusion scan to determine the proportion of function they can expect to lose as a result of resection. postoperative fev1 can be predicted by multiplying percent perfusion of the nonresected lung by the preoperative fev1. a predicted fev1 > 800 ml or > 40% of the predicted normal fev1 suggests adequate postoperative lung function, although studies of lung volume reduction surgery in patients with copd (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) suggest that patients with fev1 < 800 ml can tolerate resection if the cancer is located in poorly functional, bullous (generally apical) lung regions. merckmanuals.com