xenophobic Definitions


exhibiting or characterised by xenophobia, a fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners


a xenophobe.

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  • south africa’s stability and economic growth has acted as a magnet for refugees and asylum seekers from nearby countries, despite the prevalence of discrimination and xenophobic violence. refugees have included an estimated 350,000 mozambicans during its 1980s civil war and, more recently, several thousand somalis, congolese, and ethiopians. nearly all of the tens of thousands of zimbabweans who have applied for asylum in south africa have been categorized as economic migrants and denied refuge. cia.gov

  • perhaps captain picard (patrick stewart) should consider such a weapon for his arsenal as he stands — alone this time — to defend the federation from itself in star trek 9 (december 11). another film with xenophobic themes, this installment finds picard protecting a colony of aliens with magical powers. f. murray abraham as the villain ru'fao joins regulars levar burton, brent spiner, and marina sirtis. factmonster.com

  • veteran filmmaker jonathan kaplan (the accused) takes a more xenophobic route in exploring the plights of americans in asia in brokedown palace. claire danes and kate beckinsale team up as two high-school friends whose thailand vacation warps into a nightmare when they're accused of drug trafficking — and sentenced to 33 years in prison. infoplease.com

  • the president said the u.s. is responsible for "the majority of money" the who receives but criticized the organization for being "very china-centric," pointing out that they took issue with the u.s. travel ban on travel from china in early february. in the earliest days of the covid-19 outbreak, the who did indeed advise against any restrictions on travel or trade with china. trump said he was called xenophobic and racist for the decision, but without his travel ban, the u.s. would've lost hundreds of thousands of lives. medpagetoday.com