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athenian historian and philosopher born 427 b.c.e. and author of the anabasis and memorabilia. he was a pupil of socrates and became a general during the persian wars.

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  • the writing of history came of age in greece with the rich and diffuse work of herodotus, the precise and exhaustive accounts of thucydides, and the rushing narrative of xenophon. philosophical writing of unprecedented breadth was produced during this brief period of athenian literature; the works of plato and aristotle have had an incalculable effect in the shaping of western thought. factmonster.com

  • (shakespeare). the story is taken from a poetical version by arthur brooke of boisteau's novel, called rhomeo and julietta. boisteau borrowed the main incidents from a story by luigi da porto, of vicenza (1535), entitled la giulietta. in many respects it resembles the ephesiaca (in ten books) of ephesius xenophon, whose novel recounts the loves of habrocomas and anthia. infoplease.com