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  • the machine greenberg examines is a long way from the xeroxed pentagon papers. today’s disclosures are digital, travel over and live on the internet, and have the essential anonymity provided by encryption. greenberg provides short biographies explaining what stimulated the participation of the principal contributors—he calls them cypherpunks. wikileaks gets considerable attention, both for its groundbreaking exploits and the internal personnel conflicts that developed when its founder, julian assange, didn’t get his way. he also describes the many wikileaks competitors—openleaks, cryptome, globalleaks to name just three—and various attempts by governments to shut them down. cia.gov

  • dr. warren: one of the things that we tried to do when we heard testimony was to stay as technology independent as we could, and when you brought up the fact that the prescriber, now, is being brought into the authentication, they have always been there. they have had to choose between a pencil and a pen. they have had to choose between a piece of paper or a piece of paper that has print on it that says prescription or a piece of paper that has been made so that it cannot be xeroxed, because it would lose its validity. now, all of those are things that occur in a paper-based world. so the prescriber is already having to choose a level of paper-based technology in order to ensure that it really is their signature on there. hhs.gov

  • the sixth day is, of course, a schwarzenegger action flick, but he brings out a smoother, more enjoyable side than recent movies. while reminiscent of other sci-fi outings (total recall and the terminator), the sixth day carves out a place for itself. its portrayal of the future is well realized. the movie even manages to work in some good jokes and slight philosophizing about a weary, xeroxed world. infoplease.com