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an administrative subdivision of imperial, republican, and communist china roughly equivalent to counties, now distinguished from the more urban "districts" (qu).

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  • monday, april 1, 2013 — a new chinese herbal formula called er-xian decoction (exd) has emerged as an alternative treatment against hot flashes, according to a new study published in menopause. with potential health risks associated with some types of hormone replacement therapy, this may offer another option for menopausal women. everydayhealth.com

  • shi huangdi (also written huang-ti) means “first emperor.” only 13 years old when warlords placed him on the throne of a warring chinese state, shi huangdi proceeded to defeat other chinese principalities. by 221 b.c. the shi huangdi had conquered much of present-day china, forming a unified empire, which took its name from his family, qin (pronounced like chin). a brutal ruler, he disarmed warring nobles, created a centralized, bureaucratic state with uniform weights, measures, and laws. he standardized chinese writing and built much of the great wall of china by connecting walls built by earlier rulers. he also encouraged commerce through construction of a massive network of roads and bridges. shi huangdi was buried in a vast mausoleum guarded by 6,000 life-size terracotta guards in xian, which was uncovered in 1974. factmonster.com

  • the result is one of the marvels of the ancient world. unearthed in 1974 near the ancient capital city of xian, the tomb contained an astonishing 7,500 life-size terracotta replicas of qin shi huang's famed fighting force. legions of officers, soldiers, archers and horsemen, all carved in meticulous detail, guard the emperor's sarcophagus. the armor, uniforms, hair, and facial expressions of the soldiers are reproduced in exquisite detail. each figure is different - except in one respect: all wear neck cloths. infoplease.com

  • warfarin, for example, is difficult to take, xian explained: it interacts with many medications, supplements and foods, and patients need monthly tests to make sure their blood levels of the drug are within a narrow "therapeutic window." that window is high enough to prevent dangerous clots, but low enough to avoid internal bleeding. medicinenet.com

  • parikh disclosed relevant relationships with the ontario brain institute, the canadian institutes of health research (cihr), the james and ethel flinn foundation, assurex health, mensante, takeda, lundbeck, and the canadian network for mood and anxiety treatments (canmat). kennedy disclosed relevant relationships with the ontario brain institute, the ontario research fund, cihr, janssen, allergan, bristol-myers squibb, lundbeck, lundbeck institute, otsuka, pfizer, servier, sunovion, and xian-janssen. medpagetoday.com