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a chinese language spoken mainly in hunan province.


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  • clove is an herb also known as bourgeon floral de clou de girofle, bouton floral de clou de girofle, caryophylli flos, clavo de olor, clous de girolfe, ding xiang, feuille de clou de girofle, fleur de clou de girofle, flores caryophylli, gewurznelken nagelein, girofle, giroflier, huile de clou de girofle, kreteks, lavang, lavanga, or tige de clou de girofle. everydayhealth.com

  • languages: standard chinese or mandarin (official; putonghua, based on the beijing dialect), yue (cantonese), wu (shanghainese), minbei (fuzhou), minnan (hokkien-taiwanese), xiang, gan, hakka dialects, minority languages (see ethnic groups entry) note: zhuang is official in guangxi zhuang, yue is official in guangdong, mongolian is official in nei mongol, uighur is official in xinjiang uygur, kyrgyz is official in xinjiang uyghur, and tibetan is official in xizang (tibet) factmonster.com

  • after the fall of the qin, two rebel leaders held the loyalty of the country. xiang yu of chu and liu bang of han fought with each other over who would assume the mantle of emperor. liu bang came out victorious in 202 b.c. and declared himself emperor gaozu. this was the beginning of the han dynasty, which is widely held as a golden age of chinese history. most ethnic chinese today identify themselves as han chinese, and the current system of characters are often called han script. infoplease.com

  • "this study suggests that individuals with restless legs syndrome are more likely to die early than other people," said study author dr. xiang gao, an assistant professor at harvard medical school and an associate epidemiologist at brigham and women's hospital in boston. "this association was independent of other known risk factors." medicinenet.com

  • compared with mothers without diabetes, in utero exposure to the main diabetes types -- type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes mellitus (gdm) -- was tied to a heightened risk for autism spectrum disorder (asd) in the offspring, according to anny h. xiang, phd, of the southern california permanente medical group in pasadena, and colleagues: medpagetoday.com

  • misasi j, gilman ms, kanekiyo m, gui m, cagigi a, mulangu s, corti d, ledgerwood je, lanzavecchia a, cunningham j, muyembe-tamfun jj, baxa u, graham bs, xiang y,¬†sullivan nj, mclellan js.¬†structural and molecular basis for ebola virus neutralization by protective human antibodies.¬†science. 2016 mar 18;351(6279):1343-6. doi: 10.1126/science.aad6117. epub 2016 feb 25. nih.gov