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an anticoagulant drug once proposed as a replacement for warfarin but withdrawn due to hepatotoxicity risks.

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  • exantaâ„¢ (ximelagatran), a new anticoagulant and the first oral treatment in the new class of direct thrombin inhibitors (dtis), is launched today in germany in its first indication: the prevention of venous thromboembolic events (vte) in elective hip or knee replacement surgery (orthopaedic surgery). exanta is the first oral anticoagulant since the introduction of warfarin almost 60 years ago, and is the product of over 20 years' research and development at astrazeneca. it was developed to provide a solution to the significant unmet medical need for a new, predictable and well-tolerated oral therapy for patients at risk of thrombosis, one of the major causes of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in the developed world. medicinenet.com

  • ximelagatran was the first factor xa inhibitor investigated in clinical trials, and it was almost universally hailed as a breakthrough for anticoagulant therapy -- until a liver signal emerged and the drug was linked to hepatoxicity in about 10% of patients. in 2005, the fda refused to approve the drug for safety reasons. medpagetoday.com