xiphoid Definitions


of or relating to the xiphisternum.


the xiphoid process.

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  • the sternum consists of three portions: the manubrium (the upper segment of the sternum, a flattened, roughly triangular bone), the corpus or body of the sternum, and the xiphoid process (the little tail of the sternum than points down). these three portions of the sternum arise as separate bones and may fuse partially or completely with one another. medicinenet.com

  • b-mode ultrasound: longitudinal sub-xiphoid scan of the abdominal aorta performed in supine decubitus position and scans of the left kidney in right lateral decubitus performed before treatment. (a) the aorto-mesenteric angle (short arrow) and the aorto-mesenteric distance (long arrow) appear reduced, at 18â° and 7 mm, respectively; (b) the caliber of the left renal vein at the hilum is 22.7 mm (s=spleen); (c) the duplex doppler shows a flow reduction in left renal vein (maximum speed of about 12.1 cm/s) compared with the contralateral vein; and (d) the scans with color doppler, performed in the pampiniform plexus, show the presence of a left varicocele (vein diameter 5.1 mm; iv degree of sarteschi). medpagetoday.com

  • in conscious adults, the rescuer stands behind the patient with arms encircling the patient’s midsection. one fist is clenched and placed midway between the umbilicus and xiphoid. the other hand grabs the fist, and a firm inward and upward thrust is delivered by pulling with both arms (see figure abdominal thrusts with victim standing or sitting). merckmanuals.com