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any of a group of three isomeric aromatic hydrocarbons, found in coal and wood tar.

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  • laboratory tests can detect xylene or its breakdown products in exhaled air, blood, or urine. there is a high degree of agreement between the levels of exposure to xylene and the levels of xylene breakdown products in the urine. however, a urine sample must be provided very soon after exposure ends because xylene quickly leaves the body. these tests are not routinely available at your doctor's office because they require special equipment. cdc.gov

  • paraffin embedded mice brain was sliced (4 μm), rehydrated through a xylene and etoh series, and then stained with hematoxylin (gill’s 1x) for 5 min. rinse slides in running tap water for 5 min and dunk in acid alcohol (1%hcl in 70%etoh) 2–3 times until the sections turn pink. rinse slides in tap water again for 3–5 min and 5–6 slow dunks in ammonia water (1 ml nh4oh in 1 l h2o). rinse slides 3–5 min in tap water and then counterstain with eosin y solution for 1 min. dehydrate through etoh series and clear in xylene series. coverslip slides were mounted in prolong gold (invitrogen, carlsbad, ca, usa) and left overnight at room temperature. nih.gov