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a pentahydric alcohol, c5h12o5, penta-hydroxy pentane; derived from xylose; used as a sweetener

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e967 when used as a sweetenere967

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  • 2. xylitol. sugar-free items containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can be deadly to dogs. ingestion causes a dangerous drop in blood sugar, which can result in vomiting, lethargy, weakness, collapse, or seizures. signs appear as quickly as 15 to 30 minutes after ingestion but may be delayed for up to 12 hours. in some dogs, liver failure can occur up to 72 hours after ingesting xylitol. everydayhealth.com

  • gum disease is caused by the bacteria that creates plaque. this bacteria thrives on sugar, which is in almost everything we eat. xylitol is a safe natural sweetener that is almost identical to sugar, except this harmful bacteria can't metabolize it and starves. minimize this bacteria and your gum disease will no longer be a problem. use a xylitol based toothpaste, xylitol water flosser, xylitol mints and/or xylitol gum. medicinenet.com

  • essential pentosuria is caused by mutations in the dcxr gene. this gene provides instructions for making a protein called dicarbonyl and l-xylulose reductase (dcxr), which plays multiple roles in the body. one of its functions is to perform a chemical reaction that converts a sugar called l-xylulose to a molecule called xylitol. this reaction is one step in a process by which the body can use sugars for energy. medlineplus.gov

  • antibacterial therapy can be used by pregnant women who have a history of severe cavities. pregnant women who cannot tolerate antibacterial therapy can use xylitol as mentioned above. xylitol is used from the time the child is born until the age at which the mother no longer samples the child’s food. xylitol may help prevent the mother's bacteria from being passed to the child. merckmanuals.com