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the ketopentose (3r,4s)-1,3,4,5-tetrahydroxypentan-2-one

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  • the dcxr gene provides instructions for making a protein called dicarbonyl and l-xylulose reductase (dcxr), which plays multiple roles in the body. one of its functions is to perform a chemical reaction that converts a sugar called l-xylulose to a molecule called xylitol. this reaction is one step in a process by which the body can use sugars for energy. there are two versions of l-xylulose reductase in the body, known as the major isoform and the minor isoform. the dcxr gene provides instructions for making the major isoform, which converts l-xylulose more efficiently than the minor isoform. it is unclear if the minor isoform is produced from the dcxr gene or another gene. medlineplus.gov