ya Definitions


yea; yes


yeah; yes.

go. (spoken to horses and cattle.)


youth authority

a letter of the cyrillic alphabet: я, я.

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  • ok. so is it just me. or does the cdc have nothing to do with hurricames or tornados. why would a disease control agency care if if we are prepared for a natural disaster. i would take this as a joke if it were on a preparedness website. but the fact it is on a disease control website makes me think there is more to it. ya. pandemic. of zombies. they know somethin we dont obviously. so ya. get prepared. cdc.gov

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  • 2005 – kitle i̇mha silahları ile ilgili olarak amerika birleşik devletleri i̇stihbarat kapasıteleri komisyonu'nun, ya da daha yaygın olarak bilinen adıyla wmd komisyonu’nun raporu yayınlanır. bu rapor, cia ve i̇stihbarat toplumunun  irak'ta kitle i̇mha silahlarının (wmd) varlığını değerlendirmelerindeki başarı düzeyleri eleştiriyor ve bu çabadan alınan dersler çizelgesinde istihbarat başarılarını geliştirmeleri için öneriler sunuyor. cia.gov

  • dont you go to the bathroom enough if you have uc then you really dont need this stuff. it makes you do the one thing you do more that enough already. helps you poo if ya need some help with that. other than that you can go from 20 times on the can to 50 if you really want to take this stuff. tell a friend. ya, and avoid foods with this. its put in lots of health food products. everydayhealth.com

  • kwanzaa is based on the year-end harvest festivals that have taken place throughout africa for thousands of years. the name comes from the swahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza," which means "first fruits of the harvest." karenga chose a phrase from swahili because the language is used by various peoples throughout africa. factmonster.com

  • mr. reynolds: okay, i got one and then karen, and then we’ll see if we can get back to ya. and mine’s just a point. you don’t look at your two presentations because randy on the package drug product, you list a number that’s 12 including dashes, and you were talking about 10 and 11. hhs.gov

  • one of the reasons i made the most important decision of my life ... to marry george bush ... is because he made me laugh. it's true, sometimes we've laughed through our tears ... but that shared laughter has been one of our strongest bonds. find the joy in life, because as ferris bueller said on his day off ... "life moves pretty fast. ya don't stop and look around once in a while, ya gonna miss it!" infoplease.com

  • se puede usar cámaras fotográficas personales aprovechando las luces ya existentes en las áreas públicas. antes de usar un trípode, se debe obtener un permiso de la oficina de comunicaciones, despacho lm-105, en el edificio madison. cualquier videograbación o rodaje para otro uso que no sea personal, ya sea dentro o fuera de las instalaciones de la biblioteca, deberá estar autorizado por la oficina de comunicaciones. loc.gov

  • en estados unidos, no es habitual que los adultos se vacunen contra la poliomielitis, ya que la mayoría de ellos ya son inmunes y las probabilidades de contraer poliomielitis son mínimas. sin embargo, algunos adultos con alto riesgo de contraer poliomielitis que recibieron una serie de primovacunación (ya sea de la vacuna antipoliomielítica inactivada o la vacuna oral contra la poliomielitis) deben recibir una inyección de refuerzo única de vacuna antipoliomielítica inactivada. mayoclinic.org

  • bao zi gan lan, brassica oleracea, brassica oleracea var. gemmifera, brüsseler kohl, brysselkål, cavola a germoglio, cavola di bruxelles, chou à mille pommes, chou de bruxelles, col de bruselas, coles de bruselas, couve de bruxelas, kapusta warzywna brukselka, kohlsprossen, me kanran, me kyabetsu, repollo de bruselas, rooskapsas, rosen-wirsing, rosenkål, rosenkohl, ruusukaali, spruit, ya gan lan. medicinenet.com

  • ya sea que el examen se realice en un centro del sueño o en el hogar, usted se prepara de la misma forma. a menos que el médico le dé instrucciones para hacerlo, no tome ningún medicamento para dormir, ni alcohol ni bebidas con cafeína antes del examen, ya que pueden interferir con el sueño. medlineplus.gov

  • young adults with insomnia had an eight-fold higher risk for stroke than their age-matched peers without sleep problems (incidence rate ratio [irr] 8.06, 95% ci 3.15-20.6, p<0.0001) and persistent insomniacs had a higher cumulative rate of stroke than those who experienced remissions over 3 years of follow up (p=0.024), researcher ya-wen hsu, phd, of chi-mei medical center, taiwan, and colleagues, wrote in the may issue of stroke. medpagetoday.com

  • antecedentes familiares: el riesgo de tener un bebé con malformaciones del tubo neural aumenta si ya se había dado algún caso en otros miembros de la familia, incluidos otros hijos de la pareja (antecedentes familiares). si una pareja tiene ya un hijo con espina bífida o anencefalia, el riesgo de tener otro con dichas malformaciones es del 2 al 3%. si tienen ya dos hijos con estos problemas, el riesgo será del 5 al 10%. sin embargo, el 95% de los casos ocurren en familias sin un historial previo de malformaciones del tubo neural. merckmanuals.com

  • conception or design of this work: y.-h.c. (yi-hsing chen), w.h.t., h.c.l., y.h.l., c.h.l.; experimental study: h.y.w., c.y.c., w.l.y., y.-h.c. (ya-hui chen); animal study: h.y.h., w.-w.c. (wei-wei chen), t.z.l.; data analysis and interpretation: h.y.w., c.y.c., w.l.y., ya-hui chen, h.y.h., w.-w.c. (wen-wei chang); writing the manuscript: w.h.t., h.y.w., y.h.l., c.h.l.; final approval: all authors. nih.gov

  • lamentablemente ya no aceptamos preguntas por medio de esta página. si tiene preguntas sobre agencias federales, programas, beneficios y servicios del gobierno de los ee. uu., comuníquese con nosotros vía chat o por teléfono de lunes a viernes de 8:00 am a 8:00 pm (hora del este), excepto los días festivos federales. usa.gov