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  • the profile of admiral zacharias is just one of the 59 “minibiographies” of oni officers serving on 7 december 1941 included in steven maffeo’s interesting book. though there are three officers about whom full biographies have been written (capt. joe rochefort, adm. edwin layton, and capt. jasper holmes), a 2013 poll of 40 serving naval intelligence officers “showed virtually no recognition” of the others. (xxii) cia.gov

  • see h. c. syrett, the city of brooklyn, 1865–1898 (1944, repr. 1968); r. f. weld, brooklyn is america (1950, repr. 1967) and brooklyn village, 1816–1834 (1932, repr. 1970); d. w. mccullogh, brooklyn (1983); e. willensky, when brooklyn was the world (1986); k. jackson, the neighborhoods of brooklyn (1998); m. linder and l. s. zacharias, of cabbages and kings county (1999). factmonster.com

  • respondents choosing "none of the above" were not asked to write in other reasons. however, arkansas nonparticipants who took part in focus group discussions cited several other reasons for their decisions, including not wanting to jeopardize other public benefits, not wanting to be responsible for finding back-up assistance, and not being allowed to pay a spouse for caregiving (zacharias 2004). hhs.gov

  • [419] see suras [xcvii.] iii. 33; xix. p. 117, for the story of zacharias in full. the concluding sentence of this clause is obscure. it probably means that even if no heir were vouchsafed to zacharias, yet since god will be the heir of all things he would take zacharias to himself and thus abundantly recompense him. see sura [lxxix.] xxviii. 58. infoplease.com