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a male given name, diminutive of zachariah and zachary.


a six-month or six-year prison sentence.

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  • there are things parents can do to help ease the transition into the school year. if your child is starting at a new school, zack recommends taking them by school on a weekend when no one else is there. let them explore the area and play in the schoolyard, if possible. it can make school a more familiar, positive place to be. everydayhealth.com

  • space, zack, a representative from ohio; born in dover, tuscarawas county, ohio, january 27, 1961; graduated from dover high school, dover, ohio, 1979; b.a., kenyon college, gambier, ohio, 1983; j.d., ohio state university, 1986; lawyer, private practice; dover, ohio, city attorney, 2000-2006; elected as a democrat to the one hundred tenth and to the succeeding congress (january 3, 2007-january 3, 2011); unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the one hundred twelfth congress in 2010. factmonster.com

  • i would just encourage you to check our website if you want to see more detail about these projects. i will particularly point out the harvard work being done by zack ohaney and ken mandel and their team as being particularly innovative and forward leaning. they are looking to see if something analogous to an iphone type of platform into which substitutable applications can be plugged, unplugged and replaced, could evolve as a platform architecture supporting health it in the future with all of the appeal and flexibility that we see in the iphone then being manifested in future health it systems. if you didn’t like the user interface that you were using, and you wanted a different user interface, you could swap the use interface you had out and put the user interface you want in, to cite one very crude but i think illustrative example. hhs.gov

  • the set kicks in immediately with the devastating “testify,” a scorching rock 'n' roll track with a hip-hop edge. with tom morello's hendrix-styled wah-wah guitar layers crashing into brad wilk's massive backbeat, singer zack de la rocha delivers a stinging indictment of the news media's alleged attempts to soft-sell war and other atrocities as mainstream entertainment. infoplease.com

  • getting rid of bradley db73828 6 hours 4 minutes by jennifer crusie read by elenna stauffer lucy savage was already through with her husband bradley when cop zack warren arrests him for embezzlement. after lucy suffers two attempts on her life, zack moves in to protect her and the pair fall in love. some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. commercial audiobook. 2008. loc.gov

  • the researchers examined 150 episodes of the 50 most popular shows among kids aged 2 to 11 in 2005. they included a variety of shows for kids (such as "hannah montana," "suite life of zack & cody," "spongebob squarepants") and a few adult shows ("american idol," "survivor," "the simple life 3"). medicinenet.com

  • during his time in the elective, zack worked on a project covering chytridiomycosis, a disease causing mass declines in amphibian populations. zack had proposed using data from a new genomic sequencing technology to better characterize immunologic differences in amphibians in order to see which ones are susceptible and resistant to the disease, the type of thinking one health aims to inspire. medpagetoday.com

  • extracurricular participation in our first years of class, we don’t get a lot of the important hands-on clinical experience, but we have plenty of club opportunities for that! through clubs, students are also able to learn more on topics that are not discussed in school. this is particularly important to me for topics on exotic species and wildlife. zack works full time, and several nights a week it’s just me and silas. i have never let having a kid hold me back from things that i want to do! so, sometimes i just take him with me. recently we attended a dinner meeting together. i packed up some snacks, brought his headphones and he watched some netflix while i learned about topics in wildlife dentistry! merckmanuals.com