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  • a number of conceptual models have been proposed to examine job tenure and turnover (lok & crawford, 2001; mathieu & zajac, 1990; price, 2000; and, tett & meyer, 1993). in this paper, we hypothesize that job tenure of cnas is influenced by (1) extrinsic rewards of their job (e.g., wages and fringe benefits); (2) training and career development (e.g., initial training and mentoring); (3) organizational culture (e.g., ability to work in teams); (4) reasons for being a cna; and (5) demographic/personal, facility, and market characteristics (exhibit 1). the analysis focuses heavily on the policy levers available to government decisionmakers and providers, such as wages and benefits, organizational culture, and training. demographic, facility, and market characteristics are primarily control variables in the analysis. for example, whether the facility is located in an area with high unemployment is not a factor that health care policymakers can affect. hhs.gov