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  • in march 2014, government troops, with the help of hezbollah, recaptured from the rebels the city of yabroud, which is on the border with lebanon and has been a key route for supplies from lebanon. it was the last rebel stronghold in the area, handing the opposition another defeat. the fall of yabroud followed that of zara, another strategic city on the lebanese border. factmonster.com

  • act fourth displayed the despairing roderigo on the point of stabbing himself because he has been told that zara has deserted him. just as the dagger is at his heart, a lovely song is sung under his window, informing him that zara is true but in danger, and he can save her if he will. a key is thrown in, which unlocks the door, and in a spasm of rapture he tears off his chains and rushes away to find and rescue his lady love. infoplease.com

  • "we were disappointed that a simple measure, such as a decrease in sodium intake, does not result in improvements in asthma control," researcher zara e. k. pogson, mrcp, clinical research fellow at the university of nottingham in england, says in a news release. "we therefore cannot advise people with asthma to alter their sodium intake to better control their asthma, despite the fact that a low-sodium diet improves cardiovascular risk factors." medicinenet.com

  • the guttmacher institute, a pro-choice reproductive health research and advocacy organization, agreed. "throughout the pandemic, and well before, sexual and reproductive health and rights were neglected -- or outright targeted -- by the trump administration and their anti-reproductive rights allies at all levels of government," zara ahmed, drph, the institute's associate director of federal issues, said in an email. "we must hold the incoming administration and congressional lawmakers accountable to undo the harms of the last 4 years, push for progressive and equitable policies, and make 2021 a turning point for sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice. and we must be vigilant for any harmful or restrictive policies that may be enacted in the period between the election and inauguration." medpagetoday.com