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a member of an ethnic minority of iranian origin in eastern turkey.

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  • the following are members of the chronic diseases and vulnerable populations in natural disasters working group, coordinating center for health promotion, cdc, atlanta, ga: p allweiss, l anderson, l balluz, g beckles, a berkowitz, bp bernard, b bowman, d brantley, v campbell, jl collins, j cordero, wh dietz, p eke, mm engelgau, e ford, d galuska, hw giles, k greenlund, e gregg, l grummer-strawn, c husten, r jiles, jm kelly, lk kann, w kohn, dl labarthe, j lando, m link, w maas, r mcdonald, ga mensah, ah mokdad, mj moore, l pollack, sf posner, m pratt, s rasmussen, e reed, s rutledge, p rzeszotarski, l schieve, ej simoes, f vinicor, h wechsler, e weiss, l wilcox, p wingo, and s zaza. cdc.gov

  • a worrisome finding is that more than two in five of the 64% of students who reported driving in the 30 days before the survey also said they had been texting or emailing while behind the wheel, according to stephanie zaza, md, director of the agency's division of adolescent and school health. medpagetoday.com