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  • footnotes (1) relative importance figures are based on 2017 trade values. (2) western europe, canada, japan, australia, new zealand, and south africa. (3) mexico, central america, south america, and the caribbean. (4) china, japan, australia, brunei, indonesia, macao, malaysia, new zealand, papua new guinea, philippines, and the asian newly industrialized countries. bls.gov

  • to further test the plausibility of the state department assumptions, i applied them to countries with reported census-data on u.s. emigrants and found that the differences generated by the cohort-survival method and the state department registration level assumptions were insignificant among countries with high numbers of census-reported u.s. born emigrants (e.g. australia, canada, new zealand,etc.) but more noticeable among countries with smaller numbers of u.s. born residents. census.gov

  • note: adopted 1940 as national song, adopted 1977 as co-national anthem; new zealand has two national anthems with equal status; as a commonwealth realm, in addition to "god defend new zealand," "god save the queen" serves as a national anthem (see united kingdom); "god save the queen" normally played only when a member of the royal family or the governor-general is present; in all other cases, "god defend new zealand" is played cia.gov

  • i have a brother living in new zealand. he moved to new zealand to provide a better life for himself and his family and has a particular interest in natural remedies. new zealand has a rich maori history and seems like a perfect spot for someone like my brother to settle. everydayhealth.com

  • see k. b. cumberland and j. w. fox, new zealand: a regional view (1964); a. h. mclintock, ed., an encyclopedia of new zealand (3 vol., 1966); g. r. hawke, the making of new zealand (1985); g. mclauchlan, ed., encyclopedia of new zealand (52 vol., 1986–87); k. sinclair, a history of new zealand (4th rev. ed. 1991); g. w. rice, ed., oxford history of new zealand (2d ed. 1992). factmonster.com

  • sharon o'brien is a registered dietitian in ireland. she has a bsc in neuroscience, ms in nutrition, and a postgraduate diploma in dietetics. she is passionate about improving well-being, which evolved from her study of brain behavior and nutrition. sharon worked as a nutrition writer in singapore and then moved to new zealand, where she gained experience as a lecturer in nutrition. healthline.com

  • an approach somewhat similar to the consensual budget standards approach has been used in new zealand, although, as noted by middleton (2000), the new zealand approach is based on input from low-income persons only, rather than persons from a wide range of socioeconomic levels.  an approach similar to the new zealand approach has also been used in canada. hhs.gov

  • see k. b. cumberland and j. w. fox, new zealand: a regional view (1964); a. h. mclintock, ed., an encyclopedia of new zealand (3 vol., 1966); g. r. hawke, the making of new zealand (1985); g. mclauchlan, ed., encyclopedia of new zealand (52 vol., 1986–87); k. sinclair, a history of new zealand (4th rev. ed. 1991); g. w. rice, ed., oxford history of new zealand (2d ed. 1992). infoplease.com

  • in this entry in the series, foreign law specialists kelly buchanan and elin hofverberg will examine the different responses to the covid-19 pandemic by the governments of new zealand and sweden. the discussion will include comparisons of the overarching policies and approaches, relevant laws, and how the governments communicated with the public about the pandemic and the approaches taken. loc.gov

  • sushil allen luis, mbbs is an assistant professor of medicine and staff cardiologist at mayo clinic in rochester minnesota. after his training in internal medicine and cardiology in australia and new zealand, he did advanced fellowships in cardiology and echocardiology at the mayo school of graduate medical education in rochester minnesota. dr. luis is board certified by the national board of echocardiography and the royal australasian college of physicians, and is a fellow of the american society of echocardiography. mayoclinic.org

  • this week, new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern said the country's general election, scheduled for sept. 19, would be pushed back a month, the post reported. the move comes as new zealand grapples with a new wave of covid-19 infections that have prompted a return to lockdown restrictions in parts of the country. medicinenet.com

  • gout is a common condition, but it occurs more frequently in some populations than others. for example, gout occurs in 1 percent of people with asian ancestry, 3 to 4 percent of people with european ancestry, and 6 to 8 percent of indigenous (native) taiwanese peoples and māori from new zealand. medlineplus.gov

  • chisel was funded by the radiation and optometry section of the australian government department of health, cancer australia, the cancer society of new zealand, and the cancer research trust new zealand. ball disclosed support from cancer australia and relevant relationships with pfizer; co-authors disclosed relevant relationships with the cancer society of new zealand, the cancer research trust new zealand, pfizer, novartis, roche/genentech, astrazeneca, merck, bristol-myers squibb (bms), and loxo oncology. medpagetoday.com

  • heart disorders account for about 10% of maternal obstetric deaths. in the us, because incidence of rheumatic heart disease has markedly declined, most heart problems during pregnancy result from congenital heart disease. however, in southeast asia, africa, india, the middle east, and parts of australia and new zealand, rheumatic heart disease is still common. merckmanuals.com

  • since 2014, new zealand sugar beet food supply quantity increased 38.7% year on year. in 2017, the country was ranked number 4 among other countries in sugar beet food supply quantity with 0.16 kilograms. new zealand is overtaken by colombia, which was ranked number 3 with 0.44 kilograms and is followed by oman with 0.11 kilograms. japan ranked the highest with 2.64 kilograms in 2017, that is a decrease of 24.8% versus 2016. oman witnessed the best average annual growth at +122.4% per year, while maldives was the worst growing country at -5.2% per year. nationmaster.com

  • although we originally planned to determine the top 25 highest publishing countries only, we found that there were five other countries and regions that were represented in the top 25 when data for specific publication types were analyzed. this displaced some countries in the original list of top 25 countries in “all publication types.” we subsequently decided to increase the total highest publishing countries and regions to 30 (table 1). for systematic reviews, five other countries who were in the top 25 were ireland, 18th; greece, 21st; new zealand, 22th; norway, 23nd; and hong kong, 24th. four countries who were not on the original 25 list but were in the top 25 for meta-analysis publications were greece, 18th; hong kong, 22nd; norway, 23rd; and ireland, 24th. norway was 21st in clinical trial publications and in randomized clinical trials, while new zealand was in 25th place for randomized clinical trials. nih.gov