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a member of an anti-aristocratic political group in thessalonica from 1342 until 1350.

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  • “i hadn’t planned on interviewing anyone, but the kids were afraid of him. in talking to him, i found something noble," lamb recalls. “he told us he had been a pacifist, and i would describe him now as a religious zealot, who decided he could stop world war ii by making a biblical sacrifice,” lamb says, alluding to the volunteer’s self-mutilation as an anti-war protest. everydayhealth.com

  • johnson: revealing that a person filed a tax return is considered a disclosure by the irs; we set a high bar to prevent disclosure. so how do we balance transparency and confidentiality? by working in cooperation with the users. we formed a user group, and we ask them to help us make choices. two outside users helped develop the updated version of the public use file, which increased utility and strengthened protection. their participation helped justify removing the geographic variable; “there is no zealot like a convert.” users worked through the process to make a better balance among the trade-offs. hhs.gov

  • there's nothing terribly wrong with the big squeeze. it ambles along at a nice pace and the performances are adequate, but it offers nothing new or compelling. tanya (boyle) slaves as a bartender to support herself and her religious zealot/baseball-player husband henry (bercovici), whose leg injury has left him permanently benched. she stumbles upon his secret bank account with $130,000 in it and demands half. when he refuses, tanya leaves him and collaborates with con man benny (dobson) to bilk henry of what's rightfully hers. infoplease.com

  • zealot: the life and times of jesus of nazareth db77042 13 hours 28 minutes by reza aslan read by jake williams religious scholar, author of no god but god: the origins, evolution, and future of islam (db 61297), uses historical records and new testament accounts to portray jesus the man as a charismatic, radical jewish nationalist. discusses ways the early christian church strategically reshaped jesus’s teachings. bestseller. 2013. loc.gov

  • what are some primary care models of the future? new york's government pays lawyers $200 an hour while cutting medicaid reimbursements.  guess they've made their priorities clear. my latest medblog power 8 is up, which is a list of medical blogs that have had a great week of blogging. any regulation has to battle inevitable unintended consequences.  sid schwab looks at the resident work-hour restrictions on surgery training: "the clear inference from the newsletter is that one's fears are being realized: surgical residents, it seems, are getting diminished experience." do the majority of doctors favor nationalized health care, or is the recent annals of internal medicine study propaganda? "the lead author of this “survey” is aaron e. carroll, a single-payer zealot on the board of the activist group 'physicians for a national health program.'" medpagetoday.com