zealous Definitions


full of zeal; ardent, fervent; exhibiting enthusiasm or strong passion.

zealous thesaurus


Examples include zealous

  • the same stories appeared in the press. a new york times article on 2 august said the soviets were seeking an alternative to the taraki-amin regime, and apparently were focusing on the military as a source for a government takeover. the times article said amin was considered a "zealous revolutionary" who was the real power in afghanistan and who continued to push his inflammatory reform policies despite soviet urging to proceed more cautiously. the high visibility being given to this soviet outlook led the us embassy in kabul to posit in july that moscow was engaged in a calculated effort to soften reaction to the growing soviet military presence and to mitigate reaction if a regime turnover ultimately was achieved. another purpose not mentioned in this embassy report may have been to step up pressures on taraki and amin to moderate their revolutionary policies.58 cia.gov

  • mckim was associated with d. h. burnham, augustus saint-gaudens, and frederick law olmsted, jr. (see under olmsted, frederick law), on the senate park commission, which drew up plans for the development of washington and the district of columbia. he was first president of the american academy in rome, to the founding of which he had devoted many years of zealous effort. factmonster.com

  • it would seem to me, now moving beyond whether the secretary has the authority, as i have indicated, i think the secretary is quite limited, and even if the secretary would conclude some additional exercise of authority might be appropriate, let me give you a view, again not zealous for and in behalf of, but simply my own personal notion. hhs.gov

  • (3 syl.), in the satire of absalom and achitophel, by dryden and tate, is meant for george edward sackville, called general sackville, a gentleman of family, and a zealous partisan of the duke of york. benaiah was captain in david's army, and was made by solomon generalissimo. (1 kings ii. 35.) infoplease.com

  • no ethnic group has greater pride in itself and its heritage than the puerto rican people. nor have i encountered any that can be more dedicated and zealous in support of the democratic principles for which the united states stands. many puerto ricans have fought to the death to uphold them. loc.gov

  • for some, simplicity means scaling back on work to spend more time with their families. for the movement's most zealous disciples, it means inhabiting a cabin, buying second-hand clothes, growing their own vegetables, bartering with neighbors, and slashing consumption so much that a family fills only one garbage bag in an entire year. medicinenet.com

  • "these provisions encourage 'fishing expeditions' by zealous bureaucrats, politically motivated by the popularity of efforts to reduce drug prices and garner the political benefits of being seen to be pursuing these ends," kevin noonan, a patent lawyer at mcdonnell boehnen hulbert & berghoff, wrote in a blog post that was cited by stat. medpagetoday.com

  • in girls and women, doctors look for delays in the onset of menstruation and presence of the female athlete triad (eating disorders, amenorrhea or other menstrual dysfunction, and diminished bone mineral density), which is common among adolescent and young women who engage in overly intensive physical activity, and overly zealous loss of body fat. merckmanuals.com