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like a zealot; with zealotry.

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with a willheartilyenthusiasticallyeagerly

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  • according to a study by the journal of the american medical association, the type of diet plan you choose (south beach, the zone, cabbage soup) has less to do with weight loss than the act of sticking to your chosen diet. while this may seem like a no-brainer, many of us who start january zealously committed to getting fit only to crash hard in february (valentine's day chocolates, anyone?) know it's much easier said than done. everydayhealth.com

  • because they were eager for everyone to have the ability to study scripture and always insisted on a learned ministry, the puritans zealously promoted the development of educational facilities. the boston latin school was founded in 1635, one year before harvard was established, and in 1647 a law was passed requiring elementary schools in towns of 50 or more families. these were not free schools, but they were open to all and are considered the beginning of popular education in the united states. factmonster.com

  • other competing interests have more practical or policy related roots. patients may see regulatory intervention as reducing their access to care. many key informants cited this consideration in discussing the tradeoff between zealously enforcing narcotics laws and allowing efficacious pain management for severely ill patients. others noted that the same issue arises for alternative therapies, which have earned differing degrees of acceptance by mainstream practitioners; patients may actively seek out such alternatives even though overall clinical support for them is limited. still others noted the use of nurse practitioners or other limited practitioners who might be seen as “pushing the boundary” of their scope of practice in order to bring some care to rural patients. hhs.gov

  • special prosecutor kenneth starr himself became the center of media attention in february when he announced his decision to take a job as dean at pepperdine university's law school, abandoning the investigation he had zealously pursued until then. four days later, he ended speculation that the investigation of the clintons was over when he decided to remain as special prosecutor "until the job is done." infoplease.com

  • "for many years, robert f. kennedy jr. has zealously promoted the theory that mercury in vaccines is responsible for the marked increase in the prevalence of autism," adesman said. "we now know that is not the case since mercury was removed from almost all vaccines given to young children many years ago and there has been no reduction in the incidence of autism spectrum disorders. medicinenet.com

  • "it is my understanding that journalists zealously maintain and guard the reporter's privilege of nondisclosure of source information as necessary to the reporting function. i suggest that the rationale underlying the reporter's privilege is similar to that underlying the rationale for accreditation confidentiality. each is necessary to the conduct of an activity that is important to our society," nasca added. medpagetoday.com

  • i don’t have that typical story, that when i was younger i always knew i wanted to be a vet. i’ve always loved animals, more than the normal person does maybe, but as i got older i became more interested in just being a teenager which progressed into being a young adult. in high school, i was more occupied with having fun, and that craving didn’t stop after graduation. i started community college not knowing what i wanted to do, partied over-zealously and ended up dropping out and eventually moving home. after some time searching for my passion (which ranged from yoga instructor to tending bar) i began working at my local animal shelter and a kindle was reactivated. all the feelings of my love of animals came pouring back to me. merckmanuals.com