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pterois, a genus of venomous lionfish.

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logperchrough-belly darter

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  • the researchers found that reducing the function of the dcsh1 gene in zebrafish disrupted the normal heart beat. in addition, “treating the zebrafish embryos with the normal copy of the dchs1 gene rescued the lesion,” stated slaugenhaupt, which restored a normal heart. this is proof that this gene is essential for the heart to function properly. everydayhealth.com

  • when a part of its heart is removed, the tiny zebrafish is a bit sluggish for a few days, but then appears normal within a month. this remarkable heart repair is achieved by differentiated cardiac muscle cells called cardiomyocytes -- not stem cells, but mature cells that normally supply the contractile force of the heart. medicinenet.com

  • the exact function of the sall4 protein remains unclear. based on the functions of similar proteins in other organisms (such as zebrafish and mice), the sall4 protein appears to play a critical role in the developing limbs. this protein may also be important for the development of nerves that control eye movement and for the formation of the walls (septa) that divide the heart into separate chambers. medlineplus.gov

  • patricia barbalho, of the university of campinas in sao paolo, brazil, and colleagues tested zebrafish as a model for human and mouse seizures by inducing seizure in adult and immature zebrafish with 15 mm of pentylenetetrazole and comparing seizure-induced fish with a control sample that did not swim in pentylenetetrazole-containing water. medpagetoday.com

  • zebrafish were imaged on a leica tcs sp2 confocal microscope with a water dip-in objective (hcx apo water; 63×/0.90, leica microsystems, mannheim, germany) at room temperature. zebrafish myofibers were damaged via two-photon absorption using a ti:sa laser (mai tai, spectra physics, mountain view, ca) set to 860 nm. to quantify protein accumulation after membrane damage, we measured the fluorescence intensity at the lesion in 9–15 independent experiments, using imagej for analysis. the significance was assessed by a two-sided welch’s t-test with bonferroni correction or student’s t-test coded in matlab. nih.gov