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  • joining us on the line from martha's vineyard today is john zeisel, ph.d. and president of the hearthstone alzheimer's care and the hearthstone family foundation. dr. zeisel is also author of the book, “i'm still here: changing your mind about alzheimer's,” soon to be published by penguin. dr. zeisel, welcome to healthtalk. everydayhealth.com

  • hyde4 has described eight key components for structuring assisted living programs which were developed by the alzheimers' association. the association's "guidelines for dignity: goals of specialized alzheimer/dementia care in residential settings" include philosophy, pre-admission and admission, care planning and implementation, change in condition issues, staffing patterns and training, physical environment and success indicators. hyde and zeisel have developed a best practices model that include eight care management principles and eight environment design concepts. hhs.gov

  • take a swig of an electrolyte drink, and you make sure your body doesn't overheat. you also give yourself an energy source -- one that only serious athletes need, zeisel tells webmd. "the amount of sugar in the sports drinks is relatively small compared to the amount of sugar someone burns in exercise. but clearly, it's better than nothing as a calorie source." medicinenet.com