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requiring or involving an infinite number of intervals within a finite time.


en given name.

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  • budding pimples don't take a break while you're at work. by the time you get home and wash, they've grown into full-blown zits. toss this blemish-busting device in your desk drawer or purse and you can treat acne trouble spots in their earliest stage, before they have time to break out. just like the larger zeno, meant for home use, the zeno mini has a tip that heats to 118 degrees fahrenheit to kill the bacteria that cause acne, which helps shorten a pimple's life. a study showed that people who used the larger zeno saw their acne blemishes clear up in about four days, compared with six days among subjects who used a placebo treatment. $89; myzeno.com everydayhealth.com

  • the characteristic eastern influence began with constantine i, who also introduced christianity. orthodoxy triumphed over arianism under arcadius' predecessor, theodosius i, but violent religious controversy was chronic. the reigns (395–527) of arcadius, theodosius ii, marcian, leo i, leo ii, zeno, anastasius i, and justin i were marked by the invasions of the visigoths under alaric i, of the huns of attila, and of the avars, the slavs, the bulgars (see bulgaria), and the persians. after the western empire fell (476) to odoacer, italy, gaul, and spain were theoretically united under zeno but were actually dominated by, respectively, the ostrogoths, the franks, and the visigoths, while africa was under the vandals. during this period arose the heresies of nestorianism and monophysitism and the political parties of blues and greens to divide the byzantines. factmonster.com

  • (a ). a remark more biting than zeno's. nearchos ordered zeno the philosopher to be pounded to death in a mortar. when he had been pounded some time, he told nearchos he had an important secret to communicate to him; but, when the tyrant bent over the mortar to hear what zeno had to say, the dying man bit off his ear. infoplease.com