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en given name.

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  • anna madgigine jai was captured in her native country of senegal in 1806 when she was about 13 years old. she was brought to florida, then a spanish colony, as a slave. she was sold to zephaniah kingsley, a slave trader and a maritime merchant, and worked on his plantation in northeast florida. kingsley married her and then freed her from slavery in 1811. they had four children. she became the manager of the plantation and held the position for twenty-five years. anna became a slave owner herself. her husband stated that she “could carry on all the affairs of the plantation in my absence as well as i could myself.” factmonster.com

  • one who leaps upon you or against you. thus terence says, “insultare fores calcibus” (enuuchus, ii. 2, 54). it will be remembered that the priests of baal, to show their indignation against their gods, “leaped upon the altar which they had made” (1 kings xviii. 26). zephaniah (i. 9) says that “god will punish all those that leap on the threshold.” (see desultory.) infoplease.com