zephyr Definitions


the west wind personified.


anything of fine, soft, or light quality, especially fabric.


to blow or blow on gently like a zephyr; to cool or refresh with a gentle breeze.

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  • but when even those tools are foiled by the swirling zephyr and blocked by public health precautions, we must all find ways to accomplish the tasks we’ve no choice but to do. we will have to dig deep, we may have to ask for help, and it might even mean grabbing a proffered line and simply holding on until the winds abate. everydayhealth.com

  • according to grecian fable, was the son of amyclas, a spartan king. the lad was beloved by apollo and zephyr, and as he preferred the sun-god, zephyr drove apollo's quoit at his head, and killed him. the blood became a flower, and the petals are inscribed with the boy's name. (virgil eclogues, iii. 106.) infoplease.com

  • in june 2018, the fda approved zephyr endobronchial valves, manufactured by pulmonx, as the first bronchoscopic treatment for emphysema in the united states for patients with hyperinflation and minimal collateral ventilation. the role of these endobronchial valves in the management of emphysema was evaluated in the liberate study published in american journal of respiratory and critical care medicine in 2018. mayoclinic.org