zest Definitions


the woody, thick skin enclosing the kernel of a walnut.


to make more zesty.

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  • this volume will come as no surprise to those who knew the late michael handel, technically a political scientist but more a historian, who was an expert on military intelligence and an authority on the theory of strategic surprise. while teaching at the naval war college, handel was caught by tactical surprise in his own life when he was given only a few months to live. but, with characteristic zest, he worked to shape the conference at which the papers in this volume were presented after his death. cia.gov

  • directions: another no brainer! after you whip up the ingredients in your mode of blender, check for your preferred level of spiciness and zest. caroline uses 3 limes and at least 2 full limes for the zest, and likes to spice it up for her more adventurous friends (me?). chop up some fresh cilantro and sprinkle on top. everydayhealth.com

  • the third book of the romance, which differed greatly from the first two, was published in 1546; an incomplete edition of the fourth book appeared in 1548 and a complete one in 1552. after rabelais's death a fifth book appeared (1562); the question of its authorship remains unsettled. rabelais's novel is one of the world's masterpieces, a work as gigantic in scope as the physical size of its heroes. under its broad humor, often ribald, are serious discussions of education, politics, and philosophy. the breadth of rabelais's learning and his zest for living are evident. factmonster.com

  • mutual, empathic, and empowering relationships produce five psychological outcomes. participants in these relationships gain: (1) increased zest and vitality, (2) empowerment to act, (3) knowledge of self and others, (4) self-worth, and (5) a desire for more connection (miller 1986). these outcomes constitute psychological growth for women. mutuality, empathy, and power with others are essential qualities of an environment that will foster growth in women. by contrast, miller (1990) has described the outcomes of disconnections -- that is, non-mutual or abusive relationships-- which she terms a depressive spiral. these are: (1) diminished zest or vitality, (2) disempowerment, (3) unclarity or confusion, (4) diminished self-worth, and (5) a turning away from relationships. hhs.gov

  • because he exemplified so well the joy and the zest of living, his death reminds us not so much of our own mortality, but of the possibilities offered to us by life. he always looked to the future with a special american kind of confidence, of hope and enthusiasm. and the best way that we can honor him is by following his example. infoplease.com

  • mix zest with olive oil and minced garlic for a savory, fresh-tasting marinade for chicken. make flavored cooking oil by stirring citrus zest into a beaker of extra-virgin olive oil. use zest to enhance baked goods -- cut the sugar in traditional recipes by half, then add a teaspoon of zest to add unique flavor. medicinenet.com

  • mud runs are not a confounder of the relationship between zest for life and tacos because while mud runs are associated with the exposure (zestiness), they are not associated with the outcome (tacos). this means that, when you have a bunch of explanatory variables (in this case 2, but often there are many) you can try adjusting for all of them. what is left standing is more likely to be the true driver of the relationship (though not guaranteed - we'll get to that in a moment). in this example, if we plugged both mud runs and zest for life into a model predicting taco eating, we'd find that only zest for life was statistically significant, and could conclude that mud runs don't lead to tacos, however unfortunate that may be. medpagetoday.com

  • despite their size, sga infants have physical characteristics (eg, skin appearance, ear cartilage, sole creases) and behavior (eg, alertness, spontaneous activity, zest for feeding) similar to those of normal-sized infants of like gestational age. however, they may appear thin with decreased muscle mass and subcutaneous fat tissue. facial features may appear sunken, resembling those of an elderly person ("wizened facies"). the umbilical cord can appear thin and small. merckmanuals.com