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eager, enthusiastic.

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  • i have been taking wellbutrin for 1.5 years. it was very difficult cause i started to take it at a very young age. i started when i was 11 or so. i've been dealing with many pysch problems my life like major depression disorder, anxiety, and adhd. i started with 150 mg moved up to 300 mg a few months ago. it never helped me. i feel like it made me feel worse with terrible mood swings and lots of anger. i feel less and less like myself everyday. i was a very zestful person but now not so much. it helps me with my work a lot i've always been very intelligent just now noticing. with my social anxiety it has not helped. i would recommend for adhd but not for anxiety or depression. everydayhealth.com

  • vaknin: i did not. i attended a few sessions and i tried to over-power the psychologist. i tried to demonstrate my superiority. i tried to co-opt him. when this failed, i left. but npd is treated by psychodynamic therapies. the prognosis is so-so. the older the person, the better the chances of spontaneous recovery as younger people are still zestful. they have not been tamed by life. they have more pomp than circumstance. medicinenet.com