zeta Definitions


a medieval state roughly equivalent to modern montenegro.

en (a torus-shaped reactor used in the mid-20th century to carry out experiments in plasma physics and temperature-controlled thermonuclear reactions)


a member of los zetas, a mexican criminal syndicate.

a mathematical function formally known as the riemann zeta function.

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  • actress catherine zeta-jones checked into a treatment center on monday to treat her bipolar ii disorder in a 30-day program. the actress went public with her illness in april 2011 after her husband, michael douglas, spilled the beans to oprah winfrey. oh, thank god my husband isn’t a regular guest on that show. everydayhealth.com

  • in the petronas towers, the shape of the floors is based on an eight-point star, common in malaysian islamic patterns. the towers have so many windows that window washers take a month to clean each tower! you can get an up-close look at the building in the movie entrapment, starring catherine zeta-jones and sean connery. factmonster.com

  • catherine zeta-jones was photographed smoking during the last stages of her pregnancy in 2003. smoking cigarettes while pregnant is extremely dangerous, and can cause premature birth, placental abruption, stillbirth, and many other problems for a developing fetus, according to the march of dimes. zeta-jones vowed to quit for her children in 2005, but has had difficulty stopping, suffering many relapses. healthline.com

  • catherine zeta-jones heads up the third section. she's a pampered, haughty wife who doesn't realize her wealth comes from drug money until it's too late. not one to take things sitting down, the pregnant woman reveals a ruthlessness to rival that of her drug czar hubby. the role allows zeta-jones more depth than usual. the entire cast is outstanding, however: don cheadle, dennis quaid, luiz goodman, and many others have memorable roles. infoplease.com

  • harris thinks publicity surrounding zeta-jones's treatment for bipolar will be good for other people with the disorder who are prone to feeling stigmatized. "somebody like catherine zeta-jones talking so openly about it ... just shows that this can happen to anybody, and i think that is a bit of a comfort for people who are really struggling." medicinenet.com

  • mutations in the zap70 gene prevent the production of zeta-chain-associated protein kinase or result in a protein that is unstable and cannot perform its function. a loss of functional zeta-chain-associated protein kinase leads to the absence of cd8+ t cells and an excess of inactive cd4+ t cells. the resulting shortage of active t cells causes people with zap70-related scid to be more susceptible to infection. medlineplus.gov

  • many people who were unaware of the role hpv plays in head and neck cancer probably learned about it last summer when actor michael douglas announced publicly that his head and neck cancer was caused by hpv infection, which he attributed to oral sex. when douglas and his wife, actress catherine zeta-jones, separated shortly thereafter, gossip columnists had a field day, speculating that douglas spoke without consulting his wife. but that's a story for another time and place. medpagetoday.com

  • the myristoylated zeta inhibitory peptide (zip), which was originally developed as a protein kinase c/mζ (pkcζ/pkmζ) inhibitor, is known to produce the loss of different forms of memories. however, zip induces memory loss even in the absence of pkmζ, and its mechanism of action, therefore, remains elusive. here, through a kinome-wide screen, we found that glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (gsk-3β) was robustly activated by zip in vitro. zip induced depotentiation (a cellular substrate of memory erasure) of conditioning-induced potentiation at la synapses, and the zip-induced depotentiation was prevented by a gsk-3β inhibitor, 6-bromoindirubin-3-acetoxime (bio-acetoxime). consistently, gsk-3β inhibition by bio-acetoxime infusion or gsk-3β knockdown by gsk-3β shrna in the la attenuated zip-induced disruption of learned fear. furthermore, conditioned fear was decreased by expression of a non-inhibitable form of gsk-3β in the la. our findings suggest that gsk-3β activation is a critical step for zip-induced disruption of memory. nih.gov