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, running from hangzhou bay to fujian, with its capital at hangzhou.

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  • purple sweet potatoes also differ from orange sweet potatoes as well.  one study published in july 2011 in the chinese journal of zhejiang university, which was done on rats with diabetes, found that the purple spuds decreased levels of lipids and blood sugar after consumption. the authors noted a link between these decreases and the flavonoids that are naturally found in purple sweet potatoes. everydayhealth.com

  • the city's modern prosperity dates from the opening of the shanghai-hangzhou-ningbo rr in 1909. it was occupied by the japanese from 1937 to 1945, and it fell to the communists in 1949. hangzhou is the seat of zhejiang univ., hangzhou univ., an agricultural institute, a medical college, and an institute of fine arts. also in the city are lingyin temple, a zen buddhist temple founded in ad 326; botanical gardens; an art museum; and an astronomical observatory. factmonster.com

  • major seaport(s): dalian, ningbo, qingdao, qinhuangdao, shanghai, shenzhen, tianjinriver port(s): guangzhou (pearl)container port(s) (teus): dalian (9,707,000), guangzhou (18,858,000), ningbo (24,607,000), qingdao (18,262,000), shanghai (40,233,000), shenzhen (25,208,000), tianjin (15,040,000) (2017)note: all seven of these are among the ten largest container ports in the world.lng terminal(s) (imports): fujian, guangdong, jiangsu, shandong, shanghai, tangshan, zhejiang infoplease.com

  • one group suggests that the increased susceptibility to covid-19 in patients with cancer could be the result of higher rates of smoking compared with patients who did not have cancer. "overall, current evidence remains insufficient to explain a conclusive association between cancer and covid-19," say huahao shen, phd, of zhejiang university school of medicine, hangzhou, zhejiang, and colleagues. medicinenet.com

  • the study was supported by the national heart, lung, and blood institute, the national institute of diabetes and digestive and kidney diseases, the boston obesity nutrition research center, the ningbo health branding subject fund, the national key research and development program of china, the sanming project of medicine in shenzhen, the national natural science foundation of china, the natural science foundation of zhejiang province, the k.c.wong magna fund in ningbo university, and the zhejiang key laboratory of pathophysiology. medpagetoday.com

  • funding. this study was funded by innovation research grant program for 8-year-system medical students at zhejiang university (no. 119000-5405a1), national key r&d program of china (no. 2017yfc0113500), major science and technology projects of zhejiang province (no. 2014c03032), key disciplines of traditional chinese medicine in zhejiang province (no. 2017-xk-a33), chinese medicine science and technology program key research projects of zhejiang province (no. 2015zz007), and natural science foundation of zhejiang province (no. q19h160166). nih.gov