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the language of these people, belonging to the tai language group.



a member of an ethnic group living mostly in the guangxi zhuang autonomous region in southern china.

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  • “because low-carbohydrate diets were associated with increased risk of afib, regardless of the type of protein or fat used to replace the carbohydrate, this popular weight control method should be recommended cautiously,” says lead study author xiaodong zhuang, md, a cardiologist at the hospital affiliated with sun yat-sen university in guangzhou, china. everydayhealth.com

  • languages: standard chinese or mandarin (official; putonghua, based on the beijing dialect), yue (cantonese), wu (shanghainese), minbei (fuzhou), minnan (hokkien-taiwanese), xiang, gan, hakka dialects, minority languages (see ethnic groups entry) note: zhuang is official in guangxi zhuang, yue is official in guangdong, mongolian is official in nei mongol, uighur is official in xinjiang uygur, kyrgyz is official in xinjiang uyghur, and tibetan is official in xizang (tibet) factmonster.com

  • the largest ethnic group is the han chinese, who constitute about 91.9% of the total population. the remaining 8.1% are zhuang (16 million), manchu (10 million), hui (9 million), miao (8 million), uygur (7 million), yi (7 million), mongolian (5 million), tibetan (5 million), buyi (3 million), korean (2 million), and other ethnic minorities. infoplease.com

  • zhuang, s. r., chiu, h. f., chen, s. l., tsai, j. h., lee, m. y., lee, h. s., shen, y. c., yan, y. y., shane, g. t., and wang, c. k. effects of a chinese medical herbs complex on cellular immunity and toxicity-related conditions of breast cancer patients. br.j.nutr. 2012;107(5):712-718. view abstract. medicinenet.com