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a pueblo in new mexico.

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  • “it wasn’t charlie wilson’s war,” or even the cia’s war. “it was zia’s war,” says riedel who makes pakistani general zia ul-haq out to be the most important figure in “the epic battle with the soviet army.” (xii) but there are other important players—nations and individuals. in the first part of this two part book, riedel focuses both on their history and their contributions to the soviet defeat. cia.gov

  • founding president sheikh mujibur was assassinated in 1975, as was the next president, zia ur-rahman. on march 24, 1982, gen. hossain mohammad ershad, army chief of staff, took control in a bloodless coup but was forced to resign on dec. 6, 1990, amid violent protests and numerous allegations of corruption. a succession of prime ministers governed in the 1990s, including khaleda zia, wife of the assassinated president zia ur-rahman, and sheikh hasina wazed, the daughter of sheik mujibur. factmonster.com

  • dr. shin-hee kim, university of maryland: based on an investigation conducted by the university of maryland (umd) and additional analysis conducted by the office of research integrity (ori) in its oversight review, ori found that dr. shin-hee kim (respondent), former assistant professor of veterinary medicine, umd, engaged in research misconduct in research supported by u.s. public health service (phs) funds, specifically national institute of allergy and infectious diseases (niaid), national institutes of health (nih), grants r21 ai100195 and zia ai000938 and contract n01 ao60009. hhs.gov

  • pakistan's first elections under civilian rule took place in march 1977, and the overwhelming victory of bhutto's pakistan people's party (ppp) was denounced as fraudulent. a rising tide of violent protest and political deadlock led to a military takeover on july 5 by gen. mohammed zia ul-haq. bhutto was tried and convicted for the 1974 murder of a political opponent, and despite worldwide protests he was executed on april 4, 1979, touching off riots by his supporters. zia declared himself president on sept. 16, 1978, and ruled by martial law until dec. 30, 1985, when a measure of representative government was restored. on aug. 19, 1988, zia was killed in a midair explosion of a pakistani air force plane. elections at the end of 1988 brought longtime zia opponent benazir bhutto, daughter of zulfikar bhutto, into office as prime minister. infoplease.com

  • the zia patch, which is waterproof and capable of monitoring for up to 14 days, also detected symptomatic ventricular pauses and other clinically relevant events, which prompted referrals for pacemaker placement or changes in medications, according to peter j. zimetbaum, md, from beth israel deaconess medical center in boston, and colleagues. medpagetoday.com