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  • it is when these constants do not rule that the real trouble begins. it is when the other man zigs violently out of the track of "normal" behavior that you are likely to lose him. if you lack hard evidence of the prospective erratic tack and the zig is so far out of line as to seem to you to be suicidal, you will probably misestimate him every time. no estimating process can be expected to divine exactly when the enemy is about to make a dramatically wrong decision. we were not brought up to underestimate our enemies. cia.gov

  • admittedly there are gray areas. you know you order a test and it checks to see if that drug is on formulary. i don’t think the criteria include formulary checking. it includes the drug interaction checking. so, the line zigs and zags between the two. we try to follow the natural line of the marketplace because people do market them as separate products but there are gray areas and we did the best we could. hhs.gov