zigzag Definitions


moving in, or having a zigzag.


in a zigzag manner or pattern


one of such sharp turns


to move or to twist in a zigzag manner.

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  • zigzag was one of the double cross agents run by mi5 during ww ii. he was known to his german handlers as fritzchen. his true name was arnold edward chapman. the story of his espionage career and personal life has been told in a movie, on the tonight show with johnny carson, in his autobiography, and in two recent books, one authorized (zigzag, by nicholas booth) and one not (agent zigzag, by ben macintyre). and now his wife has written her memoir with a foreword by nigel west that discusses how chapman’s mi5 handler met him. the book itself reveals what it was like to be married to a safecracker, con man, and adulterer, who was also the father of her daughter and the most controversial double agent to work for the germans and the british. cia.gov

  • the most common symptom during a migraine attack is a throbbing or pounding headache. however, a minority of migraine sufferers, like you, get non-headache symptoms only. acute visual disturbance is the most common. seeing colored, zigzag lines in one’s field of vision is the most common description of the visual aura of migraine. everydayhealth.com

  • the movement of a single molecule in a liquid or a gas is a zigzag random walk. the molecule is continually moving and changing direction as it collides with other molecules. a group of molecules that were concentrated in one spot gradually spread apart. this explains how an odor—for example, perfume—spreads through a room. factmonster.com

  • (1 syl.). the way to faye (french, “faie-la vineuse”). a winding or zigzag manner, like “crooked lane at eastcheap.” a person who tries to do something indirectly goes by the pathway to faye. faye is a little village in france, built on an eminence so steep that there is no getting to it except by a very zigzag path. infoplease.com

  • this visual aura may expand into a sickle- or c-shaped object, with zigzag lines on the leading edge. as it moves, it may appear to grow. auras are not the same for all people, so you also might experience bright spots or flashes. auras are sometimes accompanied by a partial loss of vision referred to as a scotoma. auras commonly last 10 to 30 minutes. mayoclinic.org

  • thought to affect about 12 percent of the population, migraines are characterized by recurring severe headaches and often result in nausea as well as sensitivity to light and sound. migraines without aura, which comprise about two-thirds of all cases, don't include pre-headache aura symptoms such as experiencing blind spots or hallucinations, seeing zigzag patterns or feeling weak. medicinenet.com

  • it is such an honor to be able to speak to you today from the comfort of my basement, where i am hiding because my daughter matilda is the queen of zoom bombing. when ted informed me about the opportunity to talk to you today, i was first surprised, then happy... then scared. this is not how i imagined celebrating this day. i have wracked my heart and my mind to find the words to share with you. but just like daniel tiger says, "when something seems bad, turn it around and find something good," i share three lessons learned through my serendipitous, zigzag journey that brought me here, culminating with today's remarkable milestone. medpagetoday.com

  • true swan-neck deformity does not affect the thumb, which has only one interphalangeal joint. however, severe hyperextension of the interphalangeal joint of the thumb with flexion of the metacarpophalangeal (mcp) joint can occur; this is called a duck bill, z (zigzag) type, or 90°-angle deformity. with simultaneous thumb instability, pinch is greatly impaired. this deformity can usually be corrected by interphalangeal arthrodesis along with tendon reconstruction at the mcp joint. merckmanuals.com