zigzagging Definitions


winding, twisting, turning or sinuous


the movement or layout of something that zigzags.

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  • for example, although laura is based out of a va facility in tampa, florida, she sets her own hours to visit patients in her territory. “i usually see patients from morning to early afternoon, then make my notes in the late afternoon,” she says. “i try to make my travel routes as efficient as possible so i’m not zigzagging all over.” laura’s initial assessments take about 2 to 3 hours, but quarterly followup visits are shorter. bls.gov

  • effective headache treatment is dependent on the accurate diagnosis of the type of headache you're experiencing. there are many different types of headaches, including migraine, cluster, chronic daily, facial, and tension headaches. your physician determines which kind you have by gathering key information about your symptoms, including the headache location, duration, and triggers, as well as whether an "aura" (visual symptoms, including flashing lights, zigzagging lines, and so forth) is present before the onset of your headache. everydayhealth.com

  • antarctica is surrounded by the world's stormiest seas. a belt of pack ice surrounds the continent; only a few areas are ice-free at the end of most summers. the physical boundary most widely accepted today for the antarctic region is the antarctic convergence, a zone c.25 mi (40 km) wide encircling the earth along a fluctuating, zigzagging line between 48°s and 61°s,. within this zone the colder and denser north-flowing antarctic surface waters sink beneath warmer and saltier subantarctic waters; the difference in temperature and chemical content of the water on the two sides of the zone is reflected in noticeable differences in air temperature and in marine life. these differences and other characteristics have led oceanographers to regard the waters around antarctica as a fifth ocean, the southern ocean (also known as the antarctic ocean). factmonster.com

  • into the brazen, burnished sky, the cry hurls itself. the zigzagging cry of hoarse throats, it floats against the hard winds, and binds the head of the serpent to its tail, the long snail-slow serpent of marching men. men weighed down with rifles and knapsacks, and parching with war. the cry jars and splits against the brazen, burnished sky. infoplease.com

  • not fully understanding the recovery process is a mistake that can negatively impact self-management. "patients may think of recovery as a straight line rather than a zigzagging one," jacobs says. while setbacks are normal, he explains, patients sometimes think that by backsliding they have failed. "people often expect too much of themselves early in the treatment process," jacobs says. medicinenet.com

  • after the law's passage, scores of conservative lawyers and lawmakers challenged the constitutionality of the mandate that everyone acquire health insurance, claiming that the government could not force americans to buy a specific product or service. after 2 years of zigzagging through various judicial hearings, the supreme court determined in 2012 that the mandate was, indeed, constitutional since the insurance penalty was administered through the internal revenue service, and therefore could be construed as a simple tax. medpagetoday.com