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  • you may notice a single bite, while other times several bites will appear in a line. (3) “in most cases, they occur in clusters or zigzags of flat, itchy bites,” durham says. “one bedbug will usually take more than one bite, so the severity of your infestation can have a big impact on the severity of your physical reaction to the bites.” everydayhealth.com

  • the highest railway in the world, the peruvian central railway is an engineering marvel, climbing 13,000 ft on its trip from la oroya to lima, peru. the railroad, which features 66 tunnels and 59 bridges, zigzags across valleys in order to minimize the steepness of its climb. there is an onboard doctor who administers oxygen to passengers who get altitude sickness. factmonster.com

  • "oh, my pies! my darling pies! they are all spoilt!" cried poor sally, wringing her dirty little hands as she surveyed the ruin of her work. the tart was especially pathetic, for the quirls and zigzags stuck up in all directions from the blackened jelly, like the walls and chimney of a house after a fire. infoplease.com

  • blurred vision often just means it's time for glasses, but if you have flickering lines or floaters, it usually suggests something else is going on. flickering zigzags or spots might suggest a retinal detachment or tear, migraine headaches, or trauma to the eye. it may be inflammation from an autoimmune disorder or eye infection. you should see an ophthalmologist. medicinenet.com

  • an aura precedes attacks in about 25% of patients. auras are temporary neurologic disturbances that can affect sensation, balance, muscle coordination, speech, or vision; they last minutes to an hour. the aura may persist after headache onset. most commonly, auras involve visual symptoms (fortification spectra—eg, binocular flashes, arcs of scintillating lights, bright zigzags, scotomata). paresthesias and numbness (typically starting in one hand and marching to the ipsilateral arm and face), speech disturbances, and transient brain stem dysfunction (causing, for example, ataxia, confusion, or even obtundation) are less common than visual auras. some patients have an aura with little or no headache. merckmanuals.com