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an unspecified large number (of); a gazillion.

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  • eliminate clutter. “this is important,” guffanti says. “clean your desk. you don’t want to have 20 zillion things to look at. just leave what you need for the project or two that you’re working on. a clean desk helps you think more clearly, and that’s true whether or not you have adhd.” everydayhealth.com

  • from what i understand leapfrog will be submitting measures and the pediatric quality alliance will be submitting measures, the only two i’ve heard at this point. regardless, the call for measures was very, very focused so we wouldn’t have a zillion measures to go through, so that was the whole impetus of it. hhs.gov

  • 'n sync could still sell their quota of a zillion or so albums, while maintaining an occasional shred of integrity. but it's not happening. the only time where things actually ring true are during the ballads, especially the richard marx-penned "this i promise you" and the harmony-filled a capella finale "i thought she knew." infoplease.com

  • from that co-worker with the bottomless cookie jar, to mom and great-aunt sue with their pecan pies and zillion-carb stuffing, to the hostess who won't let you leave her house before you wolf down a plate of diet-busting treats, even well-meaning friends and family can drag you into the diet twilight zone. medicinenet.com

  • technicians. thank the heavens for these angels because i’m pretty sure without them veterinary practices wouldn’t run, and if they did, they wouldn’t be anywhere near as organized and kept up as they are with technicians. i know this is an underappreciated group of people, but they are the people vets trust to communicate with clients, to help with procedures, and to protect the vet. they help run the clinic, do lab work, assist with the veterinary work, as well as “housework” and a zillion other things. techs are amazing! merckmanuals.com