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en given name of biblical origin.

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  • 17 and the sons of asher; jimnah, and ishuah, and isui, and beriah, and serah their sister: and the sons of beriah; heber, and malchiel. 18 these are the sons of zilpah, whom laban gave to leah his daughter, and these she bare unto jacob, even sixteen souls. 19 the sons of rachel jacob's wife; joseph, and benjamin. infoplease.com

  • rachel and leah: women of genesis db77483 11 hours 29 minutes by orson scott card read by catherine byers lord laban’s oldest daughter leah, who has low vision, vies for the attention of kinsman jacob with her youngest sister rachel, the privileged beauty of the family. orphan bilhah and servant zilpah also have feelings for jacob—but he favors rachel. sequel to rebekah (db 54295). 2004. loc.gov