zimbabwean Definitions


of, from, or pertaining to zimbabwe or the zimbabwean people.


a person from zimbabwe or of zimbabwean descent.

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  • president mugabe visited washington informally in september 1980, and on official working visits in september 1983, july 1991, and in 1995, meeting with presidents carter, reagan, bush, and clinton respectively. he has also led the zimbabwean delegation to the un on several occasions, including most recently in 2006. vice president george bush visited harare in november 1982 on a trip to several african countries. factmonster.com

  • when inflation rates get higher than wage growth, however, then it can cause severe economic complications. if money is worth less and people aren't earning more money to account for the difference, the normal supply and demand gets disrupted, and people can end up unable to afford basic living expenses. some of the most famous cases in history are the hyperinflation of the zimbabwean dollar (just before the currency was abandoned, 100 trillion zimbabwean dollars was worth approximately forty u.s. cents), and the hyperinflation of the reichsmark in post-wwi germany. in five years a loaf of bread in germany went from a quarter of a reichsmark to 80 billion reichsmarks. the currency was so valueless that it was worth more as kindling to heat people's homes than as money. infoplease.com