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a small black grape from which zinfandel wine is made.

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zinuva di coratouva della pergolaprimitivo neroprimitivo di gioiaprimitivoprimativoprimaticcioplavac velikimorellonelocalegioia del collecrljenak kaštelanski

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  • the european grape (v. vinifera), which is the kind most commonly used in wine-making. from albari├▒o to zinfandel, the varietals from which our favorite wines are fermented run the gamut of colors, shapes, and flavors. many popular table grapes, including the thompson seedless (the bestselling grape in the united states), are also variations of v. vinifera. (2) everydayhealth.com

  • after noting lingering questions with supplements, "you may as well keep drinking your favorite zinfandel, merlot, or sangiovese. moderate alcohol consumption may prevent bone loss in older women," the news radio outlet stated in its report. "you can also hold on to the chocolate: there's still pretty strong evidence that it may be good for the heart and waistline." medpagetoday.com