zipline Definitions


a trip on a zipline.


to travel by zipline.

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  • i am a zipline tour guide and just started this summer, and dismounting people from the cable which requires a stiff left arm while pulling down on the cable and lifting the pully (and sometimes the guests weight) up with the right. after about a month of doing this i have a severe sharp pain in my elbow and it almost locks up on me and feels like the muscles dont want to work anymore. it hurts almost immediately when i start dismounting and gets worse as i contuine...even if i'm just laying in bed now or not using it it gets that sharp pain. it's difficult now to even climb with the left arm or put much pressure on it. medicinenet.com

  • turakhia disclosed personal fees from abbott, precision health economics, cardiva medical, irhythm technologies, ibeat, novartis, biotronik, sanofi-aventis, pfizer, and medtronic; being on medscape's speaker's bureau; holding equity/stock options in alivecor, zipline medical, ibeat, and e-safe; and receiving research grants from cardiva medical, astrazeneca, janssen, medtronic, the u.s. veterans administration, boehringer-ingelheim, apple, the american heart association, bristol myers squibb, and sentreheart. medpagetoday.com