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the recreational activity of travelling on ziplines.

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  • jodi johnson, a mortgage broker and mother of two, might never have gone ziplining in costa rica if she didn’t have ms. the fact that she did it with the help of a walker is just part of her story now. since being diagnosed in 2008, johnson has had mobility problems, but despite that, she says, “i do more now with a disability than i did on my own two legs.” everydayhealth.com

  • some of the best hobbies for nurses often double as stress-relieving activities, such as painting, knitting, woodworking, and jewelry-making. be sure to explore hobbies that get your heart rate up. getting involved in a pickup soccer game, going ziplining with friends, or enrolling in a martial arts class can help keep your mind off work while improving your mood. medpagetoday.com