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any of a range of disposable, resealable storage bags that are fastened by a pair of interlocking plastic flanges.

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  • two ways she recycles: the blonde beauty said she reuses almost everything in her house, including ziploc bags. “i travel a lot, so i keep all my mini travel bottles in the same ziploc bag and i’ll use it until it breaks,” she revealed. “i don’t like tossing them at the end of a trip.” everydayhealth.com

  • to create a mess-free painting, simply slip a piece of paper with a few blobs of paint on it into a gallon ziploc bag and seal it up. after your little one has spent some time squishing the paint together through the plastic wall of the bag you’ll have both a masterpiece to hang up and a tired toddler to show for it. healthline.com

  • something is very very wrong with me since that tick bite. i still have it in my freezer in a ziploc bag with the date on it. i pray that a doctor will show up in my life & care & will take that tick & find out what is wrong with me. is it bartonella? do i have other nasty bacteria from that tick? what is causing all of this? i don't live a life anymore. all i do is barely exist. hhs.gov

  • in addition to extra batteries for the flashlights, a small am/fm radio with batteries, cash and coins, as credit cards can only work if there is power. the coins can be useful for phone calls. in addition i would add a whistle for each person, water purification tablets, a single large garbage bag, and a ziploc bag with toilet paper. medicinenet.com

  • a woman in her 60s walks past me with a pack of toilet paper in visible distress -- one leg amputated: clothes ill-fitting and worn; a cell phone in a ziploc bag affixed to her ear. i turn to offer a hand, but she flinches as she stares at my scrubs. afraid of me -- afraid of this elusive virus -- she refuses my help. medpagetoday.com