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  • the ce pumd files are located on the pumd data files page. pumd are available in four formats: sas, spss, stata, and comma delimited (ascii). each format presents the data for each year in two zipped files. data collected with the interview survey are in the "interview" file and those with the diary survey are in the "diary" file. bls.gov

  • tabulations of all surnames occurring 100 or more times in the 2010 census returns are provided in the files listed below. the first link explains the methodology used for identifying and editing names data. the second link provides an excel file of the top 1,000 surnames. the third link provides zipped excel and csv (comma separated) files of the complete list of 162,253 names. the top ten surnames are: census.gov

  • zumba is a workout disguised as a dance party — an effective aerobic exercise delivered with a latin-inspired beat. with dance classes being the most common choice for the more than 24 million americans who participate in aerobic fitness classes, it’s no wonder that zumba has zipped to the top of the list in popularity at gyms and fitness centers across the country. everydayhealth.com

  • and the strangest thing is that this would feel completely normal to you. as you zipped through space, your entire frame of reference would slow down — your heart rate and breathing would slow, you would age more slowly, and your watch would slow down — and everything would slow down together so that it would all feel normal to you. factmonster.com

  • all the files we can make available at this time are in a "zipped" archived file.  the file f5readme.txt contains a description of each file that will be included in the zipped archive. note that some files are not yet included, namely, the tables showing impacts. these tables will become available after the final report from newws is released. (that release is currently expected in january or february 2002.)  download zipped archive file, p5fullsamp.zip [256 kb] hhs.gov

  • travel is how the virus likely zipped around the globe so quickly in the first place. since the first alerts about the current outbreak in brazil in may of last year, 46 countries have reported "local transmission" of the virus. local transmission means the virus is being carried by mosquitos in the area. medicinenet.com

  • seated at the front of the courtroom, hassenplug zipped open his leather binder and uncapped his fountain pen. he is stout, with a pinkish nose and a helmet of salt and pepper hair. his opening case this tuesday involved 28-year-old kenneth maggard, who owed more than $2,000, including interest and court fees, for a 40-mile ambulance ride last year. maggard had downed most of a bottle of purple power industrial strength cleaner, along with some 3m super duty rubbing compound, "to end it all." his sister had called 911. medpagetoday.com