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an air patrol carried out at dawn or dusk.


to put a zipper on an article.

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zip fastenerzipslide fastener

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  • luggage zipper pulls luggage usually features various zippered compartments, and some zippers are more resistant than others. adding zipper pulls helps in this regard. “you can also tie a hairband or rubber band around the zipper,” says crow. “hook your wrist or fist through the hairband/rubber band and then pull — this minimizes stress on your potentially sore hand joints.” everydayhealth.com

  • c9 adl - dressing - was dressed: this question determines the level of help the client needed in dressing. a distinction is made between a client requiring some assistance in dressing such as getting the clothes from closets or zipping a back zipper and client who needs to be dressed by a helper. if the client provides less than half of the effort needed for dressing, count that as dressed by others. hhs.gov

  • exceptional performances from each character, main as well as minor, help kiss or kill, an australian film noir, stand out in a genre overwhelmed by wannabes and disappointments. nikki (o'connor) lures men to hotel rooms, drugs them and then robs them with her boyfriend, al (day). trouble begins when one of the victims dies and they find a videotape in his briefcase of a football star, zipper doyle (langrishe), having sex with a young boy. nikki and al figure this is their big score, but when their attempt to blackmail zipper goes wrong, they begin a cross-country trip that leaves a trail of dead bodies. infoplease.com

  • 8. don't go by the numbers. pay attention to how you feel and how you look; use the zipper test instead of the scale. find a favorite pair of pants that fits snugly. if you feel the zipper getting tight, it's time to reevaluate what you're eating, how much you're eating, or whether you've been moving enough each day. medicinenet.com

  • the structure of melanocyte inducing transcription factor includes three critically important regions. two of the regions, called the helix-loop-helix motif and the leucine-zipper motif, are critical for protein interactions. these motifs allow molecules of melanocyte inducing transcription factor to interact with each other or with other proteins that have a similar structure, creating a two-protein unit (dimer) that functions as a transcription factor. the other region, known as the basic motif, binds to specific areas of dna, allowing the dimer to control gene activity. medlineplus.gov

  • called camp-responsive element-binding protein 3-like 3 (creb3l3), the transcription factor has previously been reported to be activated during fasting and it also has a role in regulating triglyceride metabolism. a liver-specific transcription factor, creb3l3 is a leucine zipper domain member of the creb/activating transcription factor (atf) family, located in the endoplasmic reticulum. medpagetoday.com

  • to remove a zipper, local anesthetic is injected into the area. mineral oil is used to lubricate the zipper, and then one attempt is made to unzip the zipper. if this attempt is unsuccessful, a sturdy wire cutter (diagonal cutter) is used to cut the median bar on the top of the zipper slider, which connects its front and back plates. then the slider falls off in 2 pieces, and the zipper teeth come apart readily. merckmanuals.com

  • transmembrane helix-helix interactions mediate the folding and assembly of membrane proteins. recognition motifs range from gxxxg and leucine zippers to polar side chains and salt bridges. some canonical membrane proteins contain local charge clusters that are important for folding and function, and which have to be compatible with a stable insertion into the bilayer via the translocon. recently, the electrostatic "charge zipper" has been described as another kind of assembly motif. the protein sequences exhibit a quasi-symmetrical pattern of complementary charges that can form extended ladders of salt bridges. such segments can insert reversibly into membranes, or even translocate across them. nature uses charge zippers in transport processes, and they can also be adapted in the design of cell-penetrating carriers. nih.gov