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fitted with a zipper.



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  • separate snacks into zippered sandwich bags or purchase pre-portioned foods when possible. a cup of cold cereal, a handful of nuts, or a few spoons of dried fruit fit nicely into a zippered snack bag that you take with you anywhere you go. if you byos (bring your own snacks), you'll less likely to graze throughout the day, visit the vending machine or shop spontaneously at the local deli. everydayhealth.com

  • the cpsc is also aware of six reports of children who have become entrapped or experienced physical distress in the product. two of the six reports included infants who were found crying underneath the mattress when it had not been inserted into the zippered pocket in the bottom of the tent. medicinenet.com

  • medicine-related advice begins with keeping all drug containers in zippered, water-proof plastic bags. prepare a written list of all medications. do not use any medication that has come in contact with flood water. if a drug container falls into contaminated or dirty water, transfer the medication to a clean container before using. diabetic patients can safely use unrefrigerated insulin for as long as 28 days. check with a pharmacist or physician's office about using other drugs that normally require refrigeration. medpagetoday.com

  • in a lab setting, we had the opportunity to learn how to assess fetal positioning within the birth canal. the “normal” birthing position is an anterior presentation which means that the baby’s front limbs will exit the birth canal first. using zippered bags holding practice calf models, we practiced skills that would help to deliver a calf in a dystocia (difficult birth) situation. we placed chains on the limbs to help to pull the calf from its mother and also practiced detecting fetal position in the birth canal. if the calf was not in the “normal” anterior position, it would be our job to reposition the animal to facilitate exit from the mother. merckmanuals.com