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  • and then i bought yet a third rollator, a drive model, for outdoor use. the drive rollator has large wheels and a zippered pouch under the seat, and it looks sportier and zippier than the other two. at first it felt “tippy” on hilly spots, but the solution i devised was to lock the brakes so that only the front two wheels are free to turn. that gave me the support i needed. everydayhealth.com

  • mr. rothstein: what i would love to have happen in terms of our process is let’s hypothetically say we agree to approve the rest of b in terms of the framework and we agree to a and the introduction, now we put on the table okay, how can we make this letter really work as something that is a good recommendation and now we can add simon’s suggestions in terms of what needs more research, what is appropriate for demonstration projects, we can have subheads, we can make the writing more consistent, we can decide on how to draft the recommendations to be a little zippier and reach the issue of whether they should be sort of slotted in in the right places and so on. hhs.gov