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a jewish cabalistic book attributed by tradition to rabbi simon ben yochi, who lived about the end of the 1st century ad. modern critics believe it to be a compilation of the 13th century.

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  • commentaries on the talmud and haggadic material continued to be written until the 11th cent., when the babylonian academies were suppressed and the center of jewish literary activity shifted to spain. france and germany became the main centers of talmudic commentary. in spain, and to some extent in italy, hebrew literature flourished for centuries. the finest work was accomplished in the realms of poetry—influenced by arab and indian literature—and philosophy. philology, exegesis, and codification also flourished. by the 14th cent. the largely aramaic mystical treatise, the zohar, had appeared—the masterpiece of a flourishing literature of jewish mysticism (see kabbalah). factmonster.com

  • 14 these be the heads of their fathers' houses: the sons of reuben the firstborn of israel; hanoch, and pallu, hezron, and carmi: these be the families of reuben. 15 and the sons of simeon; jemuel, and jamin, and ohad, and jachin, and zohar, and shaul the son of a canaanitish woman: these are the families of simeon. infoplease.com

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