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émile zola, french writer

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  • she also keeps the lines of communication open with zola, who knows how to text her with her glucose readings in case something disrupts follow app service. that wasn’t always the case. “early on, when zola couldn’t type out a text — because she could not spell yet — we would use emojis,” says keary. “she would know how to search for the numbers, and then she could type in her [glucose reading] number.” everydayhealth.com

  • émile zola, a leading supporter of dreyfus, promptly published an open letter (j'accuse) to the president of the french republic, félix faure, accusing the judges of having obeyed orders from the war office in their acquittal of esterhazy. zola was tried for libel and sentenced to jail, but he escaped to england. by this time the case had become a major political issue and was fully exploited by royalist, militarist, and nationalist elements on the one hand and by republican, socialist, and anticlerical elements on the other. factmonster.com

  • to write like zola, the french novelist, the last quarter of the nineteenth century. zola is noted for his realistic novels, many of which are unfit for circulating libraries. his speciality is a reckless exposition of the licentious habits of the french. his historic novel, called the débâcle, exposed the breakdown of napoleon iii. and his army in the franco-german war (1870-1871). infoplease.com